The dreamjob - astronaut in Space

juli 19, 2008 18:42 by Jåker

Sitting in Kennedy Space center and feel the rush when the rocket launches...I guess Christer Fuglesang was pretty happy when he finally succeded getting on the flight of his life to the moon! Christer had to wait several years before he got on the rocket.

How do you get this dream job? It requires certain physical and mental strenghts to be a candidate and the competition for the job is...tough. Go to Nasas website and read more about the job.

Lot of recruiting firms today judge their cadidates on tests. One popular test is the MBTI. MBTI tries to figure out your personality in a about 50 questions and then places you in different categories. Other firms rely more on the candidates background, earlier jobs, education and motivational aspects of the candidate (take care of people or compete with others...).

If you cant go to the moon, I would recommend you try free-falling. There are companies (cant find the website) that arranges flights where you reach a speed and your body becomes weightless - I would love to try this out! 


the moon

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